Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gurdonark: Butterflies of North Texas, zip file

The images and songs in this album are displayed on the remainder of this weblog. If you'd like a zip file of this album so that you can download all the songs and images at once, the link to that box is here:

Link to box containing Zip File of mp3s and images


  1. wonderful page and "butterfly"sounds!
    just discovered. Thank you for sharing:-)
    best, sam

  2. Sam--Thank you for visiting my new page. I am delighted you found it so quickly--and with your kind words. I figure that butterflies deserve voices--and this is my modest effort to provide them.

  3. just about to use some of the wornderful butterfly "voices" in a mash-up for a copenhagen fridaynightskating video. hope it will be fitting. will credit and attribute acccordingly, so that many copenhagen skaters might then pass by, to learn more about north texan buterflies.
    video should be online latest by tuesday.

  4. That Copenhagen skating tradition is a very fine one, and I'm glad to hear that butterflies will join in. I'll watch for it! Thank you.

  5. Just downloaded the tracks and looking forward to giving them a good listen. Thanks for creating this!

  6. jay, I'm glad to see you've downloaded. I hope you enjoy my little musical pieces a fluttering!